University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course-Level Assessment

Faculty and instructional staff are responsible for guiding and monitoring student learning throughout an academic program beginning at the course level. When designing new courses or revising current offerings, it is important to establish course-level student learning outcomes that advance aspects of the academic program goals.

All courses offered at UW-Madison must clearly articulate student learning outcomes. These learning outcomes should be available to students through course syllabi.

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Benefits of Course Assessment

Frequent use of course assessments:

  • Provides regular feedback about student progress (quizzes, tests, etc.)
  • Gives insight into day-to-day teaching methods and student learning processes.
  • Provides students with a means of gauging their own learning and then modify study strategies as appropriate.
  • Provides student data and feedback for instructors for course improvements

Methods and Techniques

There are a variety of methods and techniques for course assessment. Some assess specific skills such as writing, presentations and group work, others evaluate student learning over time. One example is a course evaluation survey.

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