Annual Assessment Reporting Criteria

Annual academic program assessment reports document the assessment activities that are outlined in each program’s assessment plan.

Report Criteria

Annual program assessment reports should:

  • identify one or more program learning outcomes that were assessed within the past year.
  • outline the types of assessments that were conducted (one direct assessment is required every three years).
  • document and analyze the results.
  • describe how faculty were involved in reviewing the results.
  • summarize recommendations, identify improvements (if needed) and outline next steps.

Annual Assessment Report Worksheet

The Annual Assessment Report Worksheet is intended to help programs prepare their annual program assessment reports. The worksheet outlines and describes all of the sections that are required in the report, and gives programs the opportunity to gather, organize and pre-record their information before submitting their reports through an online portal via AEFIS.

Submit A Report

Follow these instructions to submit a report.


Next Annual Report Due

December 2, 2019


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Regina Lowery
Assessment Coordinator
Office of the Provost